“We knew well how much these people were paying for cocaine - and that the more coke cost, the more people wanted it. We applied the same market plan to our budding catering operation, along with a similar pricing structure, and business was suddenly very, very, good.”

Anthony Bourdain

Wedding * Birthday * Graduation * Office party * Meeting * Special occasions are for sharing time with your family, friends, and co-workers…… not slaving away in the kitchen! Let The Global Vegan Café help you relax and enjoy your event! Inquire today to see what The Global Vegan Cafe can offer you!


You can reach this department at info@marcusefford.com 

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Black-Owned Business

Company Mission

Our company’s mission is to provide our clients with homemade, savory, comfort meals and desserts that keep them wanting more. Our goals are to provide clients with the highest level of service, offering eco-friendly products save the Earth, and everything we sell is 100% vegan, organic, NON-GMO, and save all the animals we can.

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